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A Guide to the Best Circular Saws Right Now

There are many types of circular saws in the market and if you are finding difficulties choosing the right for you, you have come to the right place. Identifying the features that are important in a circular saw is not a walk in the park.

This is especially considering that you will meet many marketers trying to convince you to buy a particular circular saw with features that are not that great.

 The good thing however is that, we’ve done the research on your behalf and came up with a guide to the best circular saws of 2019. In addition, we’ve added a buyer’s guide that will help you understand circular saws in details. There is always a good circular saw out there that will meet your needs and preferences. However, you need to read on to identify the right one.

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Reviews of The Best Rated Circular Saws in the Market

1. Dewalt DCS575B Flexvolt

 The best overall circular saw should be good at cutting wood. The saw should be able to eat through timber in an impressive manner. If a circular saw is not able to do this then, it will not be able to complete the job with ease. Although it is effortless to switch blades, you should ensure that the motor is capable.

Luckily, the Flexvolt meets all these requirements. It is a durable circular saw fitted with a flawless motor that spins at 5800 revolutions per minute. Mated with a carbide edged blade, the Flexvolt will produce impeccable and flawless cuts.

Also, the Dewalt Flexvolt is fitted with a 7¼ inch blade that is able to cut through a 2 inch piece of timber in one touch. If you want to create an angled cut, the blade of the Flexvolt can be tilted to a maximum of 57º. And to make the Flexvolt versatile, it is compatible with similar Dewalt power tools that you may be having in your workshop. 

In fact, the additional battery is also compatible with other classes Dewalt products. The software in the battery will just detect and adjust voltage accordingly. However, you can attach an extension cord for extensive and demanding jobs.  

 If you are worried about your safety when using the Dewalt Flexvolt, you will find the added electric brake very useful and reassuring. When the safety trigger is activated, the brake will force the blade into a halt in maximum of 2 seconds.


  • 5800 rpm blade speed
  • 7.5 inch blade
  • Blade adjustable up to 57 degrees
  • Comes with an electric blade
  • Compatible with a wall extension


  • ToughCord System
  • Lightweight
  • Electric brake
  • Travel bag


  • Has some play in the shoe

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2. Skil 5180-01

The most sought after circular saws can rise in price as the specs become more desirable. However, for people who are looking to do occasional DIY projects at home, very expensive circular saws won’t be necessary. When you look at most circular saw reviews, you will find that there are some good but affordable products out there. 

The 5180 is a perfect circular saw as it promises an enjoyable cutting experience at a reasonable price. And at about 3.2 kgs, this circular saw is a bit lighter than other favorite circular saws in the market. The saw also comes with a 7¼ inch blade that is able to cut through most wood sizes that you would need in your DIY projects.

With the 5180, you shouldn’t need to worry about any wood that exceeds 2 inches. Actually, the Skil circular saw can easily cut through 2 by 4s and common plywood that are popular in every project.

At such an affordable price, it is unbelievable that the 5180 is designed for most dusty environments. This is because, the unit is fitted with a built in blower that eliminates dust and debris that could damage the motor. This is important especially because it’s relatively quiet motor is susceptible to damage when subjected to dust.


  • 14 amp motor
  • 7.2 pounds net weight
  • 7¼ inch blade
  • Inbuilt blower


  • Easy to change blade
  • Lightweight
  • Has a dust blower


  • Lacks a cutting guide

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3. Skilsaw SPT67WL

The best circular saw guide should focus on both affordability and functionality. If you are looking for an affordable saw with superior cutting abilities, you cannot go wrong with the SPT67WL. Touted as a top pro circular saw on sale today, the SPT67WL-01 only weights 3.9 kilograms. You will notice benefits of a lightweight saw while handling extensive projects.

The good thing is that, you can attach a 3 meter power cord to extend the range of the saw. This will enable you to work endlessly without worrying that the unit will run down on power. 

Just like the other circular saws that we have covered above, the Skilsaw is fitted with a 7¼ inch blade. In addition, the blade can be inclined by a maximum of 56º for a more beveled cut.  The good thing is that the tilt locks at exactly 45 degrees and this makes common cuts a simple task to complete. Overheating problems should not worry you as the motor is optimised for extensive use without trapping a lot of heat.  


  • Weighs 8.6 pounds
  • 7¼ inch blade
  • Blade can tilt up to 56 degrees
  • Dual field motor to prevent overheating


  • Lightweight
  • reliable cooling ability
  • Easy to change blade


  • Safety switch located in the wrong place

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4. Dewalt DWE575SB

 There are circular saws that come with features aimed at making basic cuts quick and accurate.  That is why some circular saws are fitted with laser guides that give a clear reference when making long and straight cuts.  The Dewalt DWE575SB is fitted with one of the best laser guides available.

In addition, it is fitted with a durable aluminum shoe to provide a super smooth base. The Dewalt DWE575SB can maintain long and straight cuts over several feet. This feature is important especially when cutting through plywood. 

 The Dewalt DWE575SB also has additional features that support long and accurate cuts. For example, the cable that powers the DWE575SB has a protection system. This system protects the cable from coming out when it is stretched to the limit. And just like the best budget circular saws in the market, the Dewalt comes with an in built blower that keeps the cutting area clear of dust and debris.

In summary, the Dewalt DWE575SB is all about making long and straight cuts with the minimal effort possible.


  • Aluminum shoe
  • Laser guide for straight cuts
  • Protection system on electric cable
  • Inbuilt blower


  • Laser guided for accuracy
  • Great handling efficiency
  • Extra-long 9-foot cord
  • Lightweight saw


  • Lacks a rip fence
  • Relatively slow RPMs – top speed is 5,200

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5. Genesis GCS545C

Compact saws have many advantages over other standard saws. The saws are both lightweight and compact and thus, are more portable than other options in the market. In addition, it is very easy to maneuver this saw when making cuts on wood.

The Genesis GCS545C is the best rated circular saw in the compact category.  The unit is fitted with a 5.8 Amp motor that runs at about 3500 RPM. This packs a lot of power in a body that has half the weight of the best circular saw.

 If you are looking for a super lightweight circular saw that is versatile for your construction project, the Genesis GCS545C is a good option.  In addition, the GCS545C comes with other good features such as a dust port and vacuum that helps keep the cutting area clean.

Also, it has a dust collection system that works well with other types of vacuums in the market.  The genesis comes with a compatible tungsten carbide blade that is ideal for cutting through thick timber, floor tiles and some metals. The process of changing the blade is very easy.


  • 5.8 Amp motor
  • 3500 RPM
  • Dust port and vacuum
  • Tungsten-carbide tipped blade


  • Compact
  • Blade is visible while cutting
  • Lightweight
  • Compact
  • Portable


  • Low power
  • Shallow cut depth

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Buyers Guide

Many people find a lot of challenges when identifying for the best circular saw for the money. However, the process can be a little easier when you are aware of the features to consider when looking for the best value circular saw.

Before you think of ‘what is the best circular saw’, you need to pay attention to the following factors:


The design of the circular saw makes a lot of difference when it comes to cutting wood. This is especially when you are working on a project where exact measurement is needed. As a result, going for a saw with a design that includes features such as spindle locks, electric brake, cord length, rip fences and dust chutes can make a lot of difference.

You may have a saw that cuts at 6200 RPM but if it lacks the above features, you’ll have difficulties using it in your projects. This is because these features enhance the versatility and durability of the equipment.  Similarly, an accessory such as a carrying bag can make your circular saw easily portable and therefore, more useful in your daily activities.

Cutting features

Another feature to consider when searching for the right circular saw is the available cutting features.  You need to look at how the saw cuts through wood. Begin by looking at how deep the saw cuts through thick timber and consider how deep the saw cuts at 45 and 90 degree angles.

The best saws in the market should cut as deep as possible even when at an angled position. Also, look at the bevel capacity of the circular saw – the wider the bevel capacity, the better.  This feature enables the circular saw to cut at any angle that you want.

In addition, positive bevel stops are necessary for they allow you to adjust the shoe for common angles.  

Power features

Power features of the circular saw are also an important consideration to make when buying a circular saw.  Here, you consider the blade speed which may range anywhere between 3500 RPM and 6200 RPM. A higher RPM means that the blade is able to turn faster, and although that is important in making smooth, fast cuts, it is not essentially necessary.

Generally, 5000 RPM will do for general applications. However, for heavier duty applications, the higher RPM will do.

The costs of the saw

Cost is the other factor that you need to consider when buying a circular saw. This is because; there are different manufacturers available in the market who sells their products at varying prices. As a result, you need to have a budget on the amount of money that you are willing to spend on the circular saw. 

However, it is important to realize that the price of the circular saw is a basic indicator of the features that you are going to find on the saw. Generally, the more features a saw has, the higher the price is likely to be.

How deep the saw can cut

Most circular saws in the market come with saws that range from between 6¼ inches and 10½ inches in diameter. But typically, the most common circular saw blades have a diameter of 7¼ inches. These can easily cut through wood that is 2 inches in thickness. And although a 6 ½ inch blade can also be used to cut through wood 2 inches thick, the 7¼ inch blade is still the most popular in the market.

But if your projects involve working with larger beams of wood, you may consider going for larger blades. This is especially if your project involves building tables and benches.

If you are involved in special projects, you may need to look beyond the size of the blade. For example, you may need masonry blades when you need to cut through cinder and stone blocks. On the other hand, tile-cutting blades are necessary when you are working on a flooring project.

On the other hand, there are projects that require blades made of specialized, stronger and durable materials. For these, there are high speed steel blades that stay sharper than other kinds of blades, as well as carbide blades that remain even sharper for longer. 

If you want, you could also get diamond tipped blades that are ideal for cutting through tiles.

Cordless vs. Corded Saws

Circular saws tend to give you options when features are concerned. You may either have this or that but not both. One of such options is to either have a corded or cordless model.  Although cordless and corded variants of the same model will function just the same, you need to make a decision before you make your purchase. 

Cordless models are ideal for places where you have no access to an electrical outlet. In addition, there are situations where working with a corded circular saw would be very challenging and thus, a cordless model would make much sense.  

Cordless saws also tend to be fitted with a saw of smaller diameter than their corded counterparts. Essentially, this usually means that the cut depth will be much smaller than on the corded models. However, it would still be enough for most applications.

For most commercial and industrial applications, you are probably going to need more cut depth that you can’t find in cordless models.  

Cordless models also tend to be a little less powerful than their corded counterparts.  What this means is that, the cordless models are not going to be as quick in cutting wood.  But on the plus side, the units are lighter and won’t cause a lot of fatigue when working with them for extended periods of time.  

Corded saw is what you want if you are looking for more power and durability. However, this does not mean that you cannot find a cordless model that is equally powerful and durable.  But because of their construction, corded models have the potential to be more powerful and durable.  

Although corded circular saws are more powerful than their cordless counterparts, their motors are a little less efficient. On the other hand, cordless models are designed for portability and thus, are fitted with fewer features. For example, you will find that the best shoes are found on the corded models.

Ultimately, the choice for corded or cordless circular saws is dependent on your personal preferences. If you are not comfortable with the inconveniences of a cord or are looking for portability, then you can go cordless. If you are looking for greater power, durability and better build quality, go corded. It’s that simple.

Blade right vs. blade left

Blade right or blade left is another factor that sparks a lot of debate on circular saws.  However, the end decision finally comes to personal preferences. Blade right or blade left generally refers to the side on which the blade is exposed.  This can either be on the right or the left and on the opposite side; you will generally find the motor.  

The choice of the side largely depends on whether you are left or right handed. If you are right handed, you should opt for a left sided blade. This is because it will enable you to see the blade meeting the object that you are looking to cut. 

This however is not always necessary since some circular saws come with a guide that will show you where the blade will pass. Nevertheless, it can be a lot of fun seeing the blade in action.

If you are left handed, you should consider getting a blade right circular saw for the above reasons in reverse. 

Which Circular Saw is Right For You?

Similar to all power tools in the market, the right circular saw is the one that completes all the tasks that you want to do quickly and with the minimum effort. Also, the right saw should be able to serve you for a long time and at minimal costs. This means that you shouldn’t need to regularly replace the blade or have the unit serviced.

Unfortunately, it would be hard identifying the right circular saw if you are not sure of the projects that you want to undertake. And in so doing, don’t look at the project that you want to undertake in the near future but instead, consider the all the projects that you plan to do in the long haul.  

A good understanding of the projects will help you determine both the features that you need as well as the right blade size for your projects.  Not all models are ideal for everyone, and with the above information, it would be easy to identify the saw that is just right for you.


The Dewalt DCS575B Flexvolt is one of the best circular saws on the market. It is powerful, lightweight and comes with a host of great features that makes cutting wood a fun affair. The Skil 5180 is the best affordable circular saw and includes a dust blower not available on many other superior models.

On the other hand, the Skilsaw SPT67WL-01 is lightweight and would stand firm against many other models with a higher price tag.  It is lightweight, sturdy and comes with impressive cooling abilities.

The Genesis GCS545C is the best compact circular saw available. It is portable, versatile and convenient.  

We hope that the above guide will be helpful in finding the right circular saw for your projects. And although shopping online can be hectic, the information we provided is going to make the process easier.


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