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A Review of The Best Electric Chainsaws in 2021

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An electric chainsaw is an essential piece of kit for pro tree surgeons, individuals who on large sections of land that require maintenance, and those who need a hearty store of wood to burn for those cold winter days. With electric chainsaws being portable devices for cutting wood, it makes them perfect for a whole host of maintenance tasks in the great outdoors, such as cutting firewood, cutting down or limbing trees, and general pruning.

This, therefore, makes an electric chainsaw the ideal tool to get any outdoor space you may have looking in good shape. Electric chainsaws are also a lot quieter than their petrol counterparts. They’re also considerably lighter and so much easier to manoeuvre.

As good as electric chainsaws are, however, it can be difficult to select the right model for you when looking to purchase one. The vast amount of choice currently on offer is somewhat intimidating. has published a fantastic guide on the best electric corded chainsaws that covers reviews of different products, types of chainsaws, their buying guide, and pre-purchase considerations. So don’t forget to check it out.

To help you with finding the best model, we have done a review of the 10 best electric chainsaws currently available on the market

 The Best Rated Electric Chainsaws

1. Ryobi RCS2340 Electric Chainsaw

For those looking for an electric chainsaw that has a good mix of comfort, technology and power, then the RCS2340 is the one for you. It is armed with a high powered 2,300 Watt motor and a design that aids ease of use, making it ideal for both experienced and novice users.

With an Oregon chain that is 40cm long and reaches a top speed of 14m/s, this electric saw most definitely has the power to cut through the thickest of logs and branches.  The chain does not require any tools to be tightened, ensuring you get the cutting job done in a quick and efficient manner, without any interruptions.

An anti vibration mechanism is in place to provide comfortable usage, whilst at the same time reducing any potential of injuries when using the RCS2340 for extended periods of time. Its wrap around handle, which has been ergonomically designed, is really easy to hold and grip. This is a feature which is particularly useful when operating the chainsaw in restricted spaces.

In regards to safety, the chainsaw boasts both mechanical and electrical brakes to provide a high level of protection from injury, if and when an accident occurs. Upon releasing the trigger, the electronic brake halts the chainsaw within microseconds. Should a kickback occur the mechanical brake halts the chainsaw automatically.

These act to protect the user from harmful kickbacks and stop the chain saw to limit the chance of injuries on any occasion where it is accidentally dropped. A built in debris deflecting device located at the bottom of the chainsaw makes cleaning up after finishing a job much easier.

The deflector works by directing wood splinters and other debris to the floor as opposed to it being fired all over your surround work space. This saves time at the end of the job when cleaning up.

Some negative things to point out include the chain becoming loose quite frequently. This can be highly frustrating, particularly when you have a big job to tackle.

The chainsaw’s casing is not the hardiest you will find and the instruction that come with it are not the most detailed.


  •         Ideal for both experienced and novice users
  •         Has the power to cut through the thickest of logs and branches
  •         Cleaning up after finishing the job is easy


  •         Loose chain
  •         Basic instructions
  •         Flimsy plastic casing


  •       A highly powerful 2,300 Watt motor
  •         A 40cm chain
  •         A cutting speed of 14m/s
  •         An ergonomic design
  •         Safety brakes

Check out the price of the Ryobi RCS2340

2. Black+Decker 18V Cordless Electric Chainsaw

This is another good chainsaw for those looking for a lightweight and compact model that is easy to use. With its ergonomic design, even balance and weighing just over 3kg, the Black+Decker can comfortably be used for extended periods of time without the user experiencing fatigue.

 It comes with a 25cm long blade which makes it ideal for those jobs in the garden such as prepping fire wood for winter, logging and pruning back those tree branches in summer. For those individuals wanting to tend to the largest of trees, they should opt for something that is more durable and robust.

The way of tensioning the chain on the Black+Decker is by tuning a dial that winds it up, meaning no need for an additional tool to do this task. When the chain needs oiling, which it inevitably will at some point, then the highly convenient semi automatic system for oiling can be initiated by pressing a button, and so saves plenty of effort and time.

Due to the fact that the chainsaw is cordless, it provides the user with greater freedom of movement around their work space, safe in the knowledge they cannot cut through the cable or they are not tethered to a socket. The chainsaw boasts a lithium-ion battery that is 18V and can be fully charged in 5 hours. With a full charge it provides just 30 minutes of usage.

Another issue with the battery is that it quickly over heats. Considering the problems with the battery, it may be handy to carry a spare battery with you when using the chainsaw to make sure to ensure you can finish what you start. It comes armed with a double switch for starting the chainsaw up, which makes it really safe in that it limits the risk of it being accidently turned on.

Another level of safety protection is added with the chain having an anti kickback feature.


  •         Can comfortably be used for extended periods of time
  •         Ideal for jobs in the garden
  •         Freedom of movement


  •         Lack of power
  •         Over heating of the battery
  •         A full charge only provides 30 minutes of cutting time


  •         Weighs just over 3kg
  •         Cordless
  •         A 25cm long blade
  •         Tool free chain tensioning
  •         An anti kickback chain
  •         A double start up switch

Check out the price of the Black+Decker Electric Chainsaw

3. Einhell GH-EC 2040 Electric Chainsaw

This chainsaw may be at the lower end of the scale when it comes to price, but that does not mean it lacks any power. It has a motor of 2,000 Watt and an Oregon blade that is 40cm long. This means that it can comfortably slice through small and medium size tree branches.

 The GH-EC boasts an impressive 13.5m/s chain speed which helps to make light work of cutting through most branches and logs. There is no need for any specialist tools to either lubricate or tighten the chain, making those tasks relatively quick and simple.

However, there are some problems with the chain in that it is prone to easily snapping, which can be frustrating when half way through cutting a treed down. The power cable the chainsaw comes with is approximately 5m long, providing the user with plenty of freedom and flexibility.

The GH-EC’s handle is ergonomically designed to ensure maximum comfort and grip when in use. Its robust steel tube casing provides a peace of mind to those users who may be slightly clumsy as it protects from any knocks or bumps incurred.

The chainsaw comes with a series of safety features that help to lower the users risk of being injured. Firstly, the motor has a safety switch that prevents the chainsaw from accidentally starting up.

It also comes with a mechanical chain brake that instantly stops, providing protection in the event of a possible kickback from a piece of wood.


  •         No tools required to tighten or lubricate the chain
  •         Ergonomic handle design
  •         Robust outer casing


  •         The chain is prone to snapping
  •         The motor is prone to burning out
  •         Makes hard work of larger branches


  •         A 2,000 Watt motor
  •         A 40cm long Oregon blade
  •         A 13.5m/s chain speed

Check out the price of the Einhell GH-EC 2040

4. Makita DUC302Z Cordless

This is a powerful chainsaw that is capable of handling simple gardens jobs, as well as those thicker trees and branches.

 With a 30cm long blade that can reach a cutting speed of just 8.3m/s, this chainsaw is not going to win any prizes for its heftiness or speed, but it will still get most jobs done in an effective manner. The cordless design of the DUC302Z means it provides the user with maximum freedom to move around where they please. This is something that is not offered with models with power cables.

The chainsaw runs on two 18V lithium-ion batteries that provide it with a 36V power output. On a full charge it will run for approximately 90 minutes. This is a long lifespan compared to other cordless models and provides enough time to get most jobs around the garden done before the battery goes flat.

When the batteries start to deplete of energy, a light begins to flash to indicate low-power to the operator. This saves the inconvenience of the battery running flat half way through felling a tree. On the downside, the chainsaw does not come with a charger, or even batteries, as standard. Instead, you have to purchase these separately at an additional cost.

Similar to other models, the DUC302Z does not need you to have or use a specialist tool to add tension to the chain. To do this there is a helpful lever that makes making adjustments to the chain very simple. 

The chainsaw boats a couple of safety features, including an electric brake on the chain to prevent kickbacks and a soft start mechanism. These both work to minimise the risk of injury during use of the chainsaw.


  •         A cordless design
  •         An easily adjustable chain
  •         Long batter life of approximately 90 minutes on a single charge
  •         Battery indicator light
  •         Safety features


  •         A slow cutting speed
  •         Does not come with chargers and batteries as standard
  •         Slow flow of chain oil


  •       18V lithium-ion batteries
  •       36V power output
  •       90 minute run time
  •       A 30cm long blade

Check out the price of the Makita DUC302Z

5. Bosch AKE 40-19 S

The AKE 40-19 S is the perfect chainsaw for domestic use such as cutting down small trees in the garden, pruning any branches that are unwanted and preparing fire wood.

 The 1,900 Watt motor is not the most powerful out there. However, the 40cm long blade does run at a highly impressive speed of 12m/s. Despite the less powerful motor, it is more than adequate for almost all cutting jobs within a garden setting.

The chainsaw has been for ease of use and comfort. Users are able to operate it at awkward angles when cutting through tree branches due to it being equally balanced. Its handle is shaped in an ergonomic way that makes it comfortable to securely grip. This is made easier by the fact that it weighs slightly under 6kg.

With all this in mind, long periods of usage should not make you fatigued from extended periods of use. The AKE 40-19 S comes armed with an advanced SDS system which makes it fairly easy for the chain to be tightened without using specialist tools.

However, the chain is prone to slipping off during use. This can be frustrating and means stopping the chainsaw to tighten the chain several times when working on a job. Putting the chain back on is quite a difficult task, meaning you waste even more time.

The chainsaw does come with a number of safety features designed to make it safer for users to operate. It has an automatic system that provides lubrication that prevents the chain becoming damaged due to lack of oil. This is something that you can easily forget to do.

However, the reservoir that holds this oil can be prone to leakages when fully filled up.

The chain saw also has a mechanism in place that protects you from a kick back injury should one occur. The rapid repeat brake works by halting the chain in milliseconds.


  •         Ideal for domestic garden use
  •         Equally balanced
  •         An automatic system to lubricate the chain
  •         Protection from kickbacks


  •         Oil reservoir prone to leaks
  •         Difficult instructions
  •         The chain easily slips off
  •         The chain is difficult to replace


  •         A 40cm long blade
  •         A 12m/s chain speed
  •         Weighs slightly under 6kg

Check out the price of the Bosch AKE 40-19 S

6. Makita UC4041A/2

A popular chainsaw that offices reliable performance for the more simple jobs in the garden.

The UC4041A/2 weighs in at just 4.7kg, so is super lightweight, making it easy to manoeuvre and thus limits fatigue when using for long periods of time. It has a 40cm long blade, which is more than enough to cut through logs that are reasonably sized.

The chain can be adjusted with a tensioning system that is tool less, meaning you do not need any extra specialist tools. However, the chain can be prone to jumping off the blade and the tensioning mechanism is not the most durable.

It boasts a handle with a soft grip aided to minimise vibrations, meaning you can work for extended periods without serious discomfort. The UC4041A/2 comes with a steel spike on the bumper which enables the operator to produce more accurate cuts with greater control when required.

Other than the chain tensioning issues, this chainsaw is fairly simple to maintain and even boasts an automatic system that dispenses oil onto the chain, with an easy to view window into the oil reservoir.

This enables you to keep an eye on the oil level and how much is left. This helps to make sure you do not run out of oil half way through a job and keeps the chain running smoothly.

Like most other models, it comes with safety features such as mechanical kickback and chain brakes to help prevent the user from injury.


  •         A lightweight design
  •         A vibration limiting handle
  •         A soft grip handle
  •         A steel bumper spike


  •         The chain slips off easily
  •         The chain tensioner can easily break
  •         Only comes with a European plug as standard


  •         Weighs 4.7kg
  •         A 40cm long blade
  •         A tool tensioner that requires no tools
  •         An automatic system to lubricate the chain

Check out the price of the Makita UC4041A/2

7. Black+Decker CS2040-GB

For those individuals looking for a suitable all rounder, that is capable of handling regular day to day jobs in the garden, then the CS2040-GB should be the chainsaw of choice.

It has been designed with comfort in mind. This means it can be used for long periods of time with you getting fatigued or in any sort of discomfort, enabling you to get all your jobs finished without suffering.

The handle is equipped with a system that minimised vibrations, and the rubber handle at the rear help to reduce the amount of strain put on your hands when operating the chainsaw. The chainsaw is even further stabilised with metal bumper spikes which have been added. These help you in achieving the perfect wood cut.

The CS2040-GB is armed with a 2,000 Watt high torque motor. As a result, the chain is capable of spinning at 12.5m/s to produce an efficient cutting motion. Integrated into this is a safety feature that halts the chain immediately when the trigger is released. This instant stop system keeps the user safe from serious harm.

It boats a maximum width for cutting of approximately 40cm, which should be enough to get through the largest of branches in the garden. The chain is, however, prone to slipping off easily and blunts quite quickly. This may lead to interruptions in the middle of a job.

When cutting through wet or damp logs, the chainsaw has a low kickback chain and an automatic system to oil the chain which helps you to cut through the wettest and thickest wood with ease. It also helps to protect the chain from serious wear.

The chainsaw also comes with a mechanism to prevent kickbacks and a handguard at the rear the keep your hands and arms safe from an accidental slip.


  •         A system to reduce vibration
  •         Metal bumper spikes
  •         Can cut through wet wood


  •         The chain blunts easily
  •         The chain is prone to jumping off
  •         May break down after not much usage


  •         A high torque 2,000 Watt motor
  •         A 12m/s chain speed
  •         A 40cm cutting width

Check out the price of the Black+Decker CS2040-GB

8. Black+Decker CS2245-GB

This chainsaw comes with a high powered 2,200 Watt motor, making it the ideal tool for cutting wide tree trunks and logs.

The CS2245-GB boasts a blade that is 45cm long and is capable of cutting through the thickets of wood at 12.5m/s. As you can imagine, this chainsaw makes light work of those tough jobs.

It has automatic system that self lubricates the chain by dispensing oil on to it as it spins round. This means you never have to worry about if the chain is becoming too dry and, thus, likely to get damaged. The oil reservoir has a useful clear window which allows you to quickly and easily gauge how much oil it has left and when it needs filling up.

This reservoir, however, is prone to leakages, so you need to keep an eye out for this also. Because of this we advise emptying the reservoir of oil before the CS2245-GB is stowed away.

The chain has a brake on it and the chainsaw also provided protection from kickback, which in turn provides protection to the user from injury. The chain itself does blunt relatively easy even though it is constantly lubricated. This may result in having to replace the chain quite often.

It comes with an in built system that reduces vibrations which makes it easier on your hands and arms when using it.

The rear handle is fabricated out of rubber that is really soft and the distribution of the chainsaw’s weight is very well balanced. This aids comfort and means it can be used to hours on end.


  •         Well balanced weight distribution
  •         Protection from kickbacks
  •         A chain brake


  •         The oil reservoir is prone to leaking
  •         The chain quickly blunts
  •         The instructions are not very detailed


  •         A 45cm long blade
  •         An automatic system for keeping the chain lubricated
  •         A system that reduced vibrations

Check out the price of the Black+Decker CS2245-GB

Buyers guide

Now let’s have a look at what features and factors you should look out for when purchasing an electric chainsaw.

Bar Length and Chain Speed

Bar length is sometimes referred to as chain length. Simply put, it is the chainsaw’s cutting area length and determines the width of an area the chainsaw will be able to cut through at a single time.

This is something you need to consider when making a purchase. You need to get a chainsaw with an appropriate length for the jobs you are planning to do.

For jobs around the garden, such as trimming and pruning branches on large bushes and small trees, a chainsaw that has a bar length of up to 35cm is sufficient. For larger jobs, such as cutting logs and preparing firewood, we advise to only consider chainsaws with a 40cm bar length as a minimum.

A chainsaw’s chain speed is the rate at which the chain spins around the bar and is measured as metres per second (m/s).

Chainsaws with a high chain speed can cut through wood much faster than those with a low chain speed. This is a useful trait when tasked with cutting through large quantities of logs.

Ease of Use

Practically all electric chainsaws are straight forward and easy to use. However, some models are lighter and more comfortable to use than others.

If you plan to use an electric chainsaw for sustained periods then you should seriously consider the weight and comfort features, such as a soft grip handle and ergonomic design, to aid maximum comfort.

Most models do come with handles that have been designed ergonomically which makes them easier to grip and hold securely.

Some electric chainsaws have their weight carefully distributed and balanced, making them easier to operate at awkward angles. These features help to reduce fatigue and strain and so you have to take less comfort brakes when tackling larger jobs.

As tensioning a chain can be a tricky task that requires additional tools, you should always look out for those models that come with a mechanism that enables tool free tensioning. This enables you to just twist a dial on the side of the chainsaw to tighten the chain to the required level.


All of the electric chainsaws we looked at where all high quality tools that would adequately do the job. However, the Ryobi RCS2340 was by far the best all rounder and our favourite.

What impressed us was its 2,300 Watt motor that has some serious power to run the chain at a speed of 14m/s along its 40cm Oregon blade. This chainsaw will make seriously light work of the toughest of jobs. Also impressive is the RCS2340’s tool less mechanism for tensioning the chain which can be done quickly and easily.

Its ergonomic and vibration reducing design means maximum comfort during extended use. The chain brakes, both electrical and mechanical, were also something that impressed us and help to keep you safe from accidents and kickbacks.

There is also the super handy debris and dust deflector that helps to guide all the off cuttings into a single area, making the clean up job afterwards much easier.

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