DeWalt vs Makita Track Saw

In this review of a DeWalt track saw vs Makita we will take a look at the best selling model for each of the two brands. For DeWalt it is the cordless DCS520T1 and for Makita it is the mains powered SP6000J1. After inspecting the specifications of each, and highlighting their pros and cons of the track saws we will then conclude by making a recommendation as to which track saw is the best and which you should buy.

DeWalt DCS520T1 Track Saw

This particular model utilizes a 60 volt battery (it is cordless) that powers a brushless motor. Armed with a dial that lets you vary the speed setting you are able to choose between an RPM of 1,750 – 4,000. With such power the saw can make cuts over 2 inch thick. It can also bevel at an angle of 47 degrees and, at 45 degrees has a cutting depth of over 1 inch.

One small issue is that there is no stop at 45 degrees. Also it may take a couple of goes to get used to the track saw’s plunge mechanism, which you have to push, rather than the conventional method of having to pull down. The clamps that come with the DCS520T1 run the entire length of the track making you clamp super short pieces all the way along the track.

With this track saw you can make more than just cross cuts and rip cuts that are perpendicular or parallel to the edge of the work piece. The duel-edged track feature means you are able to make cuts in either direction along your work piece.

Its track can be clamped to a range of cutline angles. Doing so makes it more versatile than a table saw where the fence is only parallel to the cutting blade. Additionally, with the DeWalt you are also able to make use of a miter gauge.

However, this is a lot more awkward than simply track guiding the cutting blade along a long straight cut. The dust collection system on the DCS520T1 works really well so makes it ideal for any indoor jobs you may have.

The cutting blade on the track saw is pretty much completely closed in by a metal shroud. This is not only safer for the operator but also, according to DeWalt, ensures that 90% of the dust and debris that is given off is collected when it is attached to a dust accumulator.

The shroud around the cutting blade can be easily removed for when it comes to those times when you need to change the cutting blade. As for safety, the power tool comes with an anti kickback feature which stops the DeWalt from deviating away from its cutting line, preventing possible harm or injury.

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  •     A 60 volt battery
  •     A brushless motor
  •     Up to 4,000 RPM
  •     A cutting depth of over 2 inch
  •     Bevel cuts at 47 degrees


  •     Makes a variety of cuts
  •     Good dust collection system


  •     No 45 degrees bevel stop
  •     Does not work without any track

Makita SP6000J1 Track Saw

This track saw allows you to make perfectly straight and level cuts thanks to the guide rail and the connector kit that comes with it. The guide rail lets you lay your work piece down inside and follow through the edges using the cutting blade. The kit also allows you to work with base boards of varying sizes and depths.

It has a 12 amp motor that is one of the most powerful currently available on the market right now. It provides more than enough power to cut through thick wood with absolute ease. If you use the guard you will also be able to cut without creating any splinters along the edge. The motor has a variable speed setting meaning you can adjust the RPM. With greater control you are able to pick between an RPM of between 2,000 and 5,200.

To stop the motor from overheating the SP6000J1 has been fitted with a variable system. This helps to preserve the lifespan of the power tool. The track saw’s casing comes in the standard Makita Water Blue color and is robust enough to protect the inside workings. The attached handle lets you push down on the top and engages the trigger to get the power tool started.

The handle has been made comfortable to use thanks to the addition of some soft rubber. This makes using the track saw for larger, more time consuming projects easier on your hands. There is a plunge gauge that lets you decide the depth you want to make a cut at.

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  •     A 12 amp motor
  •     Up to 5,200 RPM
  •     A variable speed setting
  •     A rubberized handle
  •     A plunge gauge


  •     Makes perfectly straight cuts
  •     Highly powerful motor
  •     Comfortable to use


  •     Guide rails are slightly warped


It is clear to see from looking at both the DeWalt DCS520T1 and the Makita SP6000J1 in depth that these two models differ greatly in terms of the their specifications and what they can and cannot do. Where they are similar though is that each model is well made (by a reputable power tool brand) and worth their respective price tags.

However, our favorite and the track saw we recommend for purchase is the Makita SP6000J. This is thanks to its super powerful 12 amp motor meaning it makes light work of most jobs and that it is also comfortable to use for extended periods of time when working on larger projects.

When making the decision as to which track saw to purchase you must remember to ask yourself what your requirements are, what projects you are going to be working on, does it need to be transported etc. Remember to do this and you will not go far wrong in your decision.

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